Theodore the Backyard Possum

Lately my housemates and myself have been hearing strange noises in our backyard.

A couple of nights ago, I found the culprit.


I present to you: Theodore the Backyard Possum.

He comes right up to the table which he have near our back door.

The Stolberg Beer Cafe

My best friend and myself went out to Stollies for Parmas. After lunch we went to hang out in the beer garden and were quite pleased to find we had the place to ourselves.


The food was great and the garden was really peaceful.

A day in the life of an Aged-Care Worker

This post is a Profile/Feature article which I wrote about Adele Monaco* last semester. Ms. Monaco works with patients who suffer from dementia.

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

A day in the life of an Aged-Care Worker

As aged-care worker Adele Monaco sits at the beginning of the interview, her excitable Staffy, Pooch flops down next to her, making that little snuffling noise the breed is known for. Looking adoringly down at her boy Ms. Monaco explains that it was her grandfather’s Alzheimer’s that made her want to work in the industry.

“I didn’t think that his care was appropriate at the time, and there were no programs back then” Monaco says as she scratches behind Pooch’s ear, “all these programs that they have these days they make a big difference”.

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