The Australian Black Spot Epidemic

I originally wrote this piece as an assignment for my journalism research class. Basically the brief was to turn a data set into a short article which was both engaging and informative.

The Australian Black Spot Epidemic:

Australia is infamous for its appalling cell phone coverage. Data collected in February 2016 shows ten thousand, eight hundred and three recognised black spots countrywide.
New South Wales wins the title of worst statewide coverage with approximately three thousand, four hundred black spots, while Tasmania seems to have the most reliable network at just over four hundred and twenty non-coverage areas.

Surprisingly, connections in Australia’s ‘very remote’ regions are not those found most lacking. That title goes to the country’s ‘outer-regional’ areas with a total of around four thousand, five hundred black spots, closely followed by ‘inner-regional’ areas which have clocked up about three thousand, eight hundred.

Even the country’s metropolitan areas are not immune to the dreaded ‘no signal’ pop-up, with around three hundred and sixty of Australia’s black spots recorded as being within major cities.

Whilst our politicians claim we are making leaps and bounds with infrastructure such as the NBN, it remains doubtful that all Australians will ever be able to access reliable mobile or internet coverage.

For now, those who struggle to receive service will just have to stay with Telstra – who tout themselves as the largest and most reliable network in the country – and hope that one day they will be free to choose their provider.

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